this is a good topic, thank you. i dont consider myself somebody who handles situations with violence (not since highschool, atleast), so ive never worried much/given much thought about this.

but on topics of war, and especially bin laden, and turning the other check, i have to really be watchful of things like this. i remember being glued to the tv in the late night hours when the manhunt for "bomber number 2" had begun, and also the next day when they had him sorrounded, and just watching in almost "revenge mode". im starting to think that maybe this is something inheritantly american (and possibly human), where sometimes the best of people want "blood" in the most extreme instances (like i dont know how id handle somebody hurting my mother, for instance).

i had to really realize what i was doing and step back. it was becoming an almost sick form of entertainment for me. like the dali lamas take, and what other here have said about karma, it is the ones who did this karma (and im not even 100 percent sure who did it, i wasnt there and didnt see it, which makes my want for payback even more disfunctional).

i think the best i can do is let their karma playout, how ever that may be, and have compassion to all involved, even the bombers and their families.