I was wondering what perspectives other people had on the Buddhist concept of Non-Violence (ie: how they apply the idea to different circumstances)?
For example, does this equate to pacifism in times or war (eg: in cases of self defence or prevention of genocide)?
I can think of other examples where a 'violent act' may be the more compassionate one (eg: putting a suffering animal to sleep).

Relating the idea into the context of my own life, I practice a somewhat hands on and physical martial art (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) that some people may look on as violent. Analysing my own reasons for taking the sport up, it would seem that intention (in terms of Non-Violence) is just as important as the act itself. There are some people who seem to come with the determination to submit people no matter what the cost (ie: violent intention), whilst there are others who attend with the idea of helping themselves and others improve.
What do other people think?