Gokoku's Three Shames

We often find ourselves to be much less convincing, grand or perfect than the idealised pictures of ourselves we create in our imagination. But to not engage with what is, to hide although we can truly never hide, that is truly a waste of time and will lead to nothing but a senseless death, the result of a senseless life, a life that never truly engaged the open perception of what is, and what oneself is.

It says in the preface "The person who doesn't chew a grain of rice is for sure the burned-face demon king."

If you feel around with your tongue of unfettered buddha-sight, you will discover that you have a grain of rice in the jaws of your life as well.

Nobody can tell you what will happen, but if you don't start properly chewing soon, you will choke on that one grain for sure. Whether it is just a hair's breadth, or a tiny grain of rice, if you don't face the music, even the smallest atom will lock the gate of your own life.

If it's bitter, chew. If it's sweet, chew. Bitterness will bring sweetness in due time, and sweetness will be followed by bitterness.

Chew, chew, chew. Different taste for sure, yet the taste of chewing itself is.....well, you know already, or you will find out if you work them teeth properly.

In the main case we are reminded that suchness is ever active, ever changing in dynamic ways. Since we are THIS as well, and not apart, resting in the sunshine will not cut it in the long run. We "think" we know best, we like to judge the merit of situations, but sometimes the harshest winters bring the most lovely spring....and the might of volcanic eruptions becomes the nourishing ground for the most wonderful crocus flower the earth has ever seen.


Do you remember a time in your life where everything screamed pain and suffering, yet now when you look back you can see that without this episode, some current insight and/or happiness would not have arisen?

Can you recall an instance where your own pride and self-satisfied view of a situation kept you from seeing what was really going on, and kept you from acting in an appropriate way?


and don't stop practising. That would be a shame.

Deep bows,

Hans Chudo Mongen