If you have ever been on a NYC subway you are bound, at some point to run into a preacher of some type. And this is so common place that no one really pays them any mind. But the other day while I was on my way home a Jamaican lady got on the train and sat directly in front of me. she was quietly singing to herself praises of the lord, while trying to start simple conversations with those around her. She didn't seem to mind that she was being ignore, she just kept on smiling and singing to herself.

on the next stop she got up and tried to transfer to another train across the platform, but that train pulled away before she even had a chance to get off.

"oh, Lord I've missed my train" she said with a smile. "That's ok, another one will come. That's how we should look at life. Another one will come."
She said this as she got off the train.

If we can stay open to life, without adding or subtracting what we like and do not like, if we just stay open, literally everyone and everything is expounding the dharma. Every moment, every encounter, is It. Whatever It we are looking, or not looking for, or looking to not look, or which ever way we feed it to ourselves.
no need to put anything down, because there is nothing we can hold on to anyway.

problems come,
problems go.

winters passes,
spring arises.