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Thread: A talk from Issho Fujita

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    A talk from Issho Fujita

    Quite a remarkable talk by Fujita san, very influenced by Okumura s take on sitting ( yes, quite physical) and by Alexander Technique ( Fujita is a big supporter of the Technique to help people to sit upright naturally and without over doing or self centered stuff).
    I am with Jundo on the body-mind dropped.


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    Sitting like a small child. Looks like people are beginning to wake up to the AT in the Zen world.

    "Our Zazen should be bright, not dark". AZI in Ireland, take note!

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    Yeah, I often wondered about that when looking at my kids. They just drop on the spot to look at a butterfly or something and have this beautiful posture right away!
    I also tend to get sleeping/numb legs (always the left one) and I think I’m going to do some experimenting with my zafu. Maybe this talk will help? Fixation on right and not right lurks, I know. I’ll just give it a quick shot, I promise!


    Enkyo/Peter/Potato peal

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    Thank you Taigu, wonderful talk.

    I have also watched Issho Fujita before and have really enjoyed his approach.


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    Posted this on the Zen forum, just something I wanted to share with you, guys:

    My teacher was Mike Cross, a big bloke with a sharp tongue and a will to the truth second to none and a mighty integrity, thanks to his generosity and patience I could catch a glimpse of what kind of change Alexander Technique can bring to a rigid practice, he often used to point at very young kids as being great teachers of how to sit free, allowing the body to go up rather than forcing through false sensory appreciation and habits. I am eternally grateful for this and it is my deep faith that, in the years to come, the Alexander Technique will open the eyes of many people enjoying being caught in the still state. I ask my students to go for lessons and be humble. I am a bad student myself, a man with clouded eyes and no doubt, a failure in my own way. Nevertheless, pathless path,the voice and forms of ancestors, this robe and mountain state, are, after all, my only treasures. In a child sitting, shobogenzo is realized. He-she has no clue. Let s follow this, birds leaving no traces, fishes no hints.



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    I didn't know Fujita, I'm glad to discover both Taigu et Shingen posts, he seems so quiet, nothing overdone and all with energy and compassion



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