So, today I went to town to run some errands. I was going to pick up some records on one of my stops and it was going to be a while until they were ready to pick up. I figured, hey I'll go kill some time at the bookstore and electronics store. I was just killing time. Nothing to do for an hour but goof off. I'm driving to the store and I'm getting aggravated because people aren't driving fast enough, there is too much traffic, someone cut me off. I had almost worked myself into a frenzy when I caught myself. I started laughing in my car. People had to think I went crazy (from weaving in and out of traffic to laughing and driving normal.) I still have no idea why I felt impatient or aggravated. It is strange how our thoughts can get us all worked up. Apparently zazen has not yet stopped me from getting impatient or aggravated, but it works really well for pointing out the silliness of it.

TL;DR I was impatient driving for no reason. Paid attention to my thoughts and realized it was nonsense chatter.