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Thread: Another Book Review (this time a Zen comic book)

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    Another Book Review (this time a Zen comic book)

    I just finished "The Zen of Steve Jobs," a graphic novel I downloaded onto my iPad from Amazon. It is a "Forbes and Jess3 Production," whatever that means in terms of authorship. The book is actually quite good, riveting at times. It focuses on the relationship between Steve Jobs and Kobun Chino Otogawa. While not a scholarly book by any means, it does contain some good advice from Kobun and a nice depiction of a close student/teacher relationship.

    it did, however, make me feel bad for Steve Jobs. By the end of the book, you get the sense that he lost his way. He spent so much time and effort trying to make gadgets that were profoundly simple (i.e. Zenlike) that he forgot to live that way.



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    Lots to say about Steve, but yeah, I think he lost his way.

    Too much money and too much power end up corrupting your soul... even if you are visionary.


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    I heard about the book.

    One thing to note is that it is a "re-imagining" of their conversations, not really based on a diary or the like. Of course, Buddhism teaches that all of life is a re-imagining in its way.

    Gassho, J
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