I am lucky enough to get to care for three cats, two boys and a girl. I love them very much. When I am home, all three of them want to be around me all the time, which is a nice feeling to experience. But, they also want to be with me when I sit Zazen. The little girl generally crawls under the altar table and sleeps. One of the two boys sits with me on his own Zafu (there is even a picture of him doing his version of Zazen on my profile page). But, the other boy has a bad case of monkey mind. He wants to play or be petted, or to make a nuisance of himself in the sitting room. If I shut the door, he stand on his hind legs in the hallway and beats on the door with his front paws, drum solo style, until I let him back in the room.

usually, I spend 15 to 20 minutes giving him attention until he falls asleep and let's me sit. But, sometimes he is relentless and I have to release the mudra and pet him during Zazen, which means it's not really Zazen. Any suggestions?