I am kind of becoming Zazen-Crazy these days. I love "Just Sitting" and would like to sit all day if I can. I don't think I have the ability to sit more than a few sessions a day right now but I want to learn from those who have been meditating for a while on how to build my daily practice safely and efficiently.

Right now on weekdays I sit at home at least twice and most often for 3-4 sittings a day. Per each sit it is about 30-40 minutes though sometimes I even sit like 15 minutes or at best an hour. On weekends: Saturdays I sit with Brad Warner group and do my own sittings again at home for a total of about 4-6 sits; Sundays I sit with Zen Center of Los Angeles group (this is a bigger group of about 30 members) and more sits at home total 4-6 sits.

I understand there is a lot of initial excitement and interest at the practice. But I feel this may not be just "initial" and will last. I hope I am not overdoing my practice. Again, I would like to build my practice safely and efficiently so that I can sit more often and consistent. How can I do that? What has helped you in your practice. Thanks.