I am a fan of the KISS principle.


Has anyone come across something like this as an aid to studying Genjo Koan?

1. Relative and absolute, don't get stuck in either.

2. It's not about the self and no separation.

3. Fully engage in whatever you do.

4. There is a process to practice. We don't start at the finish.

5. Practice is not near or far. It's always where you are standing.

6. Impermanence. Illusion of fixity.

7. Don't worry about the future.

8. There is no hindrance with each person.

9. Do not fix reality because it is not always as it seems.

10. There is no limit to this life.

11. Start here. Do one thing and that's mastery.

12. This life is more than cognitive.

13. An actualization.