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Thread: Split Thread: Kensho, Satori, Enlightenment and Everything!!

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    Split Thread: Kensho, Satori, Enlightenment and Everything!!

    I just downloaded a copy of the Shobogenzo. Maybe I will get a chance to read it before school starts and personal reading time disappears.

    I do have a quick question about tradition. I was looking over some of this stuff and I was wondering about the meaning of the terms kensho vs satori vs enlightenment vs dharma transmission. I've looked them all up on wikipedea at one time or another, but I'm really just looking for a definition within the context of soto zen and what we do here at treeleaf (versus the Wikipedia 600 year and every sect ever run down)


    <if this is all answered in the FAQ or somewhat incoherent, please disregard. I am quite sleepy and heading to bed at this very moment
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