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Humbly, in your presentation, everything spot on, but most things coming from the wrong place. Cut this. Cut~nurture this. How to?
As you walk through this gate with your mouth open, I see nothing but saliva and useless foaming. That would certainly fill a book. In life, hopeless.
How do you gassho? How do you walk to work? How do you eat and sleep and kiss?
You are trapped in the "why~world".

with a because~world not far away...

Zen start when whys are dropped.

hungry ghost like myself a lot of the time, wake up!


Wise words in this plethora of words.

It's a year since I joined Tree Leaf - looking over my shoulder I see a trail of books, must have bought and read at least a book a week.

Nothing wrong with books, nothing wrong with words, nothing wrong with hermeneutics, ..... but, but, but ..... I'm beginning to feel it's what I do when I'm sleeping.

This hungry ghost wants to wake up!