Hello Sangha!

When I sat today (alone), it was "pretty cloudy", hardly any blue sky in my mind.
That's no problem for me, I know that sometimes you have one of these days, and I have learnt to accept this.
Normally, when I hear the bell (I use an App on my smartphone for that), I stop right away, bow, get up, etc.
However, when today's session came near to its end, there it was - blue sky.
Then came the bell...
But instead of stopping, I decided to keep on sitting - I decided it, and after the thought of this decision was gone (hardly a second), again blue sky.
So extended my sitting for about 1 - 2 minutes.

I am not sure if this is alright. I mean, normally I always stop right after the bell, because I do not want to give a "calm phase" more importance than a "stormy phase".
I feel that by extending my session I used the opportunity and gave stillness priority.
However, isn't Shikantaza about the dropping of body and mind?

What do you think?