Hi Everyone,

Although I've been sitting on and off for a while, I've never really had any guidance regarding posture or sitting positions from any of the groups I've sat with. I've used the Web and one or two books for advice. I often find myself questioning my posture and find this little nagging thought floating around - am I sitting properly? It's a thought that I find hard to let go.

I tend to sit either Burmese or Seiza. When sitting Burmese I just can't get my legs to sit parallel to each other as you see in some photos. My legs are just too long. I end up with one leg tucked in with my heel close to my groin. I guess similar to the gentleman in this photo (http://www.insightmeditationcenter.o...or-meditation/).

Generally I find this comfortable and I get sit for 25 - 30 minutes without discomfort or numbness in the legs. However I can't swap legs. When I do it feels like I'm leaning to one side. Stuffing a Zafu under the knee does not feel correct.

I find Seiza the most comfortable, either with a bench or two smaller Zafus stacked. But I don't always feel as grounded as when sitting on a cushion.

I've watched some of the excellent videos from Taigu and Jundo regarding posture and they are of great help.

Do other people have similar issues? Are there any exercises I can do to loosen up what I assume are inflexible joints? Perhaps I'm missing something?