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Thread: A beginnerís dilemma with a chattering mind

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    A beginnerís dilemma with a chattering mind

    Hello everyone,

    Finally I’m beginning to sit.

    But, at the same time I am finding out how difficult it is to quite the mind. It’s incredible how thoughts and images constantly come and go, just appearing out of nowhere. I tried to refocus on my breath, but a short time later my mind went right back to it’s never ending flow of thoughts and images. Thoughts seem to "pop up" and appear in no logical order whatsoever.

    I was just wondering if there any methods or techniques to try to control all of this mental chatter. Ive been trying to follow my breath and going back to it time and again. To a certain extent it does seem to work. Is this recommended or should I just let these thoughts come and go on their own?

    I watched the beginners videos, which are great and have answered many of my questions.

    It would be interesting to see how others have coped with the constant flow of thoughts when doing Zazen and the challenges it has presented.

    With kind regards to all.

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