Hi everyone!

This past December I was invited to hold a public sitting at a meditation and yoga place in Mexico City. The session was oriented to introduce people to meditation practice and to help people in danger of falling into depression or drugs.

I was invited by a Dharma Punx group who follows Noah Levine's teachings.

It was two days for separate groups. We planned the sessions to have a small introduction talk, 10 minutes zazen, two 20/30 minutes talks (one by me and one by my friend) and 20 minutes zazen.

The place was very small, so it was a very nice and intimate experience.

Since the zazen sessions were intended for beginners, I had to guide the group a little into following the breath and to let thoughts flow.

My talk was about practicing generosity and how that helps to combat depression and sadness. Nothing too complex, I think. My plan was to talk for only 20 or 30 minutes so people wouldn't get bored, but it took a little more than an hour because people participated a lot!

It was a very good experience and I made a lot of new friends.

Here are some photos of day 2:

The Buddha and the bell.

Ugly Kyonin talking.

Juan Carlos, little Ian and Shupet, the dog! By the way, Juan Carlos was a member for a few days here at Treeleaf, but never came back. His user name was KidBuda.

Some of the attendants.

At the end, I think people had a good time and my friends liked what I did. They are already planning a new event soon. I'll let you know.