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Thread: New Years Greetings from Treeleaf, Japan

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    New Years Greetings from Treeleaf, Japan

    A New Years tradition at Buddhist temples across Japan is the ringing of the Joya-no-kane (除夜の鐘) ...

    ... the temple bell near midnight. The bell is typically rung 108 times (sometimes by the temple priests, sometimes by parishioners) to cleanse the listener of the 108 mortal afflictions (bonno ... anger, greed, ignorance, envy, hatred, arrogance and the rest) that, in traditional Buddhist thinking, are the causes of suffering. By ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, each earthly desire will be taken away and therefore we can start the New Year with a pure mind.

    From where does that sound come? To where does it go?

    Perhaps we might also say that past moments ... the up and downs, happiness and sadness ... are now gone, and a new beginning rings out ... ever new and renewing.

    Master Dogen wrote, "Zazen ... is like the hammer striking emptiness, the bell's melodious sound continues to resonate as it echoes, endlessly before and after. It is not limited to this moment ."


    Joya-no-kane atmosphere at a temple in Tokyo ...

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    Hello Jundo,

    thank you for the beautiful bell ringing link.

    Although it's still a few hours before the official celebratory time here in Germany, I'd also like to wish everyone a wonderful 2013!


    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Many thanks for sharing this wonderful tradition and I would like to take this opportunity as a newcomer to wish everyone a Happy New year filled with wonderful moments.



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    Happy New Year to all - thank you all for practicing together in 2012 and looking forward to the coming year!

    Deep bows

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    Thank you Jundo - and a Happy New Year to all.



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    Thank you for this Jundo! Beautiful!! Many bows to all in celebrating the new year!


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    Happy New Year fellow Treeleafers!
    Gassho, Shawn Jakudo Hinton
    It all begins when we say, I. Everything that follows is illusion.
    "Even to speak the word Buddha is dragging in the mud soaking wet; Even to say the word Zen is a total embarrassment."

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    Thank you again Jundo. Wishing a great year for all Treeleafers and Mankind.

    Deep Gassho
    Kōshin / Leo

    P.S. Yup, I know, my English sucks

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    Thank you Jundo and happy new year everyone!

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    Thank you Jundo and a warm Happy New Year Everyone!

    倫道 真現

    As a trainee priest, please take any commentary by me on matters of the Dharma with a pinch of salt.

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    Happy continuation to all sentient beings.

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    Happy New Year!
    Trying to go straight ahead on a narrow mountain path which has ninety-three curves

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    Happy New Year to all!


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    happy new year

    gassho to all


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    Happy New Year!

    Gassho, kojip
    As a trainee I ask that all comments by me on matters of Dharma be taken with "a grain of salt".

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    Thank you all! Happy New Year!

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    Thanks to Jundo, Taigu, and everyone at Treeleaf.

    Happy New Year!!!

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    A happy new year to all at treeleaf ... And everywhere else for that matter!


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    Thanks, Jundo! Happy new year to everyone. As a new member with TreeLeaf I look forward to our 2013 practice together.


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    Happy New Year!
    Drinking tea and eating rice.

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    try again, to Jundo and all of Treeleaf, thanks for just being there


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    Happy New Year to all



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    Happy new year everyone,
    Thank you & Gassho

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    Fantastic bell sounds. Thank you, Jundo.

    Happy New Year, Treeleaf!


    Please remember I am only a priest in training. I could be wrong in everything I say. Slap me if needed.

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. Mr. Spock

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    Happy New Year!

    Ho (Dharma)
    Yu (Hot Water)

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    Happy New Year Treeleaf


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    Happy New Every-Moment, everybody!

    (psst, Chris, we need a celebration emoticon! - thanks)



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    Happy New Year.
    As a priest in training, please take everything I say with a pinch of salt

    Meido Shugen
    明道 修眼

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    Happy new year one and all.

    "Last year, a foolish monk.
    This year, no change."
    May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings of body and mind
    quickly be freed from their illnesses.
    May those frightened cease to be afraid
    and may those bound be free.
    May the powerless find power
    and may people think of befriending one another.

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    We ridin' on the Sooooooooooooul Traiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

    Anyway, happy New Year! Last night it was nice to see a segment on television showing different celebrations around the world and for a moment a bell in Tokyo was featured.

    Me, I just bang on pots and pans, and load up my "Animal Crossing" game to watch the cute little fireworks.
    迎 Geika

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    Happy new year all

    Original Tedmac Anita Ward I didn't think about this song


    Yang Hsin

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    Happy New Year to all of you!


    no thing needs to be added

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia View Post
    We ridin' on the Sooooooooooooul Traiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!
    Correction for Buddhists Amelia ... Non-Soul Train ...

    Rebirth for us is like a train that keeps arriving at station after station, but with constantly changing cars and passengers never the same. (I was going to say it is like the "Soul Train" dance floor, where the dancers and song keep changing, but the show goes on ... but some of our non-US folks might not get the non-reference)

    Gassho, J
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    Yes, but there is still dancing!

    Happy New Year, and thanks for being my/ our teacher, Jundo!
    迎 Geika

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    Happy New Year to All!

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    Ah, the (non-) persistence of sound and motion; "Shall we dance or wait for the music?"

    ♪ Thank you TreeLeaf, have a Happy 2013 ♫♪
    仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
    May all of our actions contribute to the harmony of the universe

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    Happy 2013 to all here.
    "Know that the practice of zazen is the complete path of buddha-dharma and nothing can be compared to is not the practice of one or two buddhas but all the buddha ancestors practice this way."
    Dogen zenji in Bendowa

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