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Thread: BOOK OF EQUANIMITY - Case 22

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff_u View Post
    This is a fun case Thanks for spinning my head around!

    Reading this reminds me of math. Specifically the debates around the turn of the 19th century where everyone was obsessed with finding a system that encompassed absolute mathematical truth—given the right starting truths (axioms), they said, we could generate all true mathematical statements. Greatly simplified, it turns out that this is impossible to do.
    In Zen math, 2 + 2 = 4 as any schoolchild knows.

    However, 2 + 2 = 2 too, and = 3,4,5.

    2 - 2 = 9 all down the line.

    2 = 4 = 7 = Buddha Heaven.

    And all or any numbers added, divided, subtracted or divided are simply 1 at the start, middle and end.

    .00001 = the 10,000 things

    1 + 1 =

    But don't think of as nothing but Zero.

    All the columns always in balance, whatever is put in them.

    Something like that.

    Gassho, J
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    Thanks for the contemplation here, Jundo and jeff.
    Nothing Special

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    This Sangha is a real treasure, but one comprising humans who sometimes come together and sometimes push apart. But it's still a treasure. As far as I'm concerned, there would be no Buddhism without Treeleaf. Now, my practice, on the other hand, especially lately feels more like fool's gold than a Treasure. A fallow time. Waiting for the harvest. Need to get on the cushion regularly. No posturing at the gate for me. More like falling asleep under it!

    Gassho, Kaishin / Matt
    Kaishin (Open Heart aka Matt)
    Please take this layman's words with a grain of salt.

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    Buddhist math, as explained by Jundo above, is way easier for me than algebra
    AL (Jigen) in:

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    It seems you really like playing teacher and pooring oil on fire.
    Could please look into your self? I am sure it would help.



    PS: if may add the following pointer, you have a fine mind and your wisdom ability is quite impressive, much like one of Dogen s students, you could be asked to develop your grand mother mind, embracing and compassionate mind.
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