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Thread: Rohatsu Retreat 2012 re-sit on Google+

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    Rohatsu Retreat 2012 re-sit on Google+

    Hey y'all, Kyonin and I will be sitting the Rohatsu Retreat on Google+ starting Thursday, 27 Dec at 0600AM CST. He has been gracious enough to stream the recordings into the hangout as we go. All are welcome to join for as little or long as you wish; looking forward to it. Here's the link for the event:


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    Have fun/no fun guys!


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    Cool! I'd pop by, but that's my anniversary.

    Have a good one.



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    I've pencilled it in. Today I was awake at 4:45am ...

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    I'll sit the first zazen /kinhin session that morning. Then it is off to more Holiday family doings. Between Christmas and New Year it is continuous.

    Gassho, kojip

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    Hi all!

    Yes, we'll be doing Rohatsu and everyone is welcome to pop in as you want.

    Happy holidays!


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    Wonderful Kyonin ... I will join in when I am able.


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    I tried to use the link but the iPhone (my connection to the Internet) won't display the site.


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    Charlie -- I have the same problem occasionally with my iphone. Sorry it didn't work out.

    Thank you to everyone who was able to drop in over the last couple of days; it was highly motivating. I think Google+ has added a great deal to the Treeleaf experience over the past year or so. Being able to sit a two-day retreat, three weeks after it occurred, at my house via G+ with Kyonin was a special experience. Thank you, Kyonin, for being present the entire time, and much more punctually than myself. Thank you to our teachers, and all who made this event what it is.


    PS - There was a period when I noticed a past Kyonin joining in the dharma talk on the recording. Sitting with two Kyonins was quite a surreal experience.

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    Thank you all for sitting together.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Thank you! Thank you for this Rohatsu!

    Yes, Hangouts add a lot to our practice. I think it may very well be one of the biggest achievement for human communications. And they are great for sitting together in this big holodeck where we are all in the same room transcending time and space.

    Thank you Shujin for being part of this. It was awesome to share this with you.

    Thank to our teachers for their time and dedication and to all who sat with us if only for a moment, joining the Hangout.

    Deep deep bows to all.

    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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