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Thread: A daily G+ practice sign-up?

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    A daily G+ practice sign-up?

    Hi... I'm posting on the open forum because I think this is about zazen ... and daily
    practice. hope that's ok

    The current way that sittings happens on G+ is that different people are sitting at different times daily.. or when
    they get a chance. It is loose and open, which is great. On the other hand there tends to be a lot of
    sitting alone on a hang-out, which others then see has happened, ...and that can be encouraging. However I was
    wondering if there is any interest in also having a more regular daily sit on G+ that we can "sign-up" for. It
    would not be rigid in that way, but would be another option requiring more of a comittment. Perhaps there could
    be two sits daily to accommodate different times zones? The idea is that everything would not be so scattershot.. and
    people will know that it can be relied on, and that others will be there to share practice... It can't be
    convenient for everyone.. and I for one will adapt to an inconvenient time if it suits other people.

    So is there any interest in finding a common daily practice time we can rely on?

    Thank you. kojip
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