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    Brad says he is going to sell his Okesa on ebay ( he is a great guy but useless with a needle...I am just the opposite, great with a needle, usless as a man), teachers are but sexual predators ( look at all the scandals in America). So...What to think? Let me tell you something, some thirty years ago I have sewn my first robe, I still do, as long as I liive I wish I will. No best seller. Not funky-punky-brilliant Dharma. Salaryman in the train.

    what is important?

    "Dogen's naked bones sitting
    Your naked bones sitting
    Bones sitting"

    everything else is noise, chatter, smoke.

    Back to the cushion.


    PS: As I was telling one of my students tonight, how can Brad let go of the kesa as he sits and wears it from the start? Like all of you...So no worry, really ( on top of this, he has never sewn a kesa) So...all is well. and please do ,isten to his teaching, a great teaching indeed.
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