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Shohaku Okumura working on reissue of “Homeless Kodo”

Sōtō Zen priest and Dōgen translator Shohaku Okumura Roshi of the Sanshin Zen Community is currently working on a reissue of The Zen Teaching of “Homeless Kodo,” penned by his teacher, Kosho Uchiyama Roshi. Okumura’s translation will include new commentary, as well as a fresh biographical sketch of Kodo Sawaki that Okumura has written. The book will be published by Wisdom Publications (with no currently projected release date).

Okumura’s work is made possible by the newly created Dōgen Institute. Founded two years ago, it acts as a fundraising arm that allows Okumura to continue his work of translating old Zen texts, much of which includes translating the works of Master Dōgen (hence the name.) The Institute raises funds for Okumura Roshi’s own writing activities and for the final editing expenses, but does not intend to publish the books themselves.

As of now, the Dōgen Institute is building its website. Until it’s done, you can find many of Okumura Roshi’s teachings online at his community’s website. You can purchase and download his digital audio materials at Proceeds will go to helping ensure that he continues his writing and translation work, including his planned translation of of Dōgen’s Sansuikyo (Mountain and Waters Sutra), which he’ll begin work on after his current project.
Posted on: December 3, 2012 – 6:02 pm