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Thread: ROHATSU RETREAT - Introduction & Making an "At Home Oryoki" Set

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    ROHATSU RETREAT - Introduction & Making an "At Home Oryoki" Set

    Some preparations for our upcoming Treeleaf Annual 'AT HOME' Two Day 'ALL ONLINE' ROHATSU (Buddha's Enlightenment Day) RETREAT ... to be LIVE NETCAST on the weekend of Saturday & Sunday, December 8 and 9, 2012 (though starting Friday night in some time zones). The retreat is designed to be sat in any time zone around the world through a combination of 'live-live' and 'live though recorded' segments, and one may still join the Retreat and sit-a-long at ANY AND ALL TIME after, by the real time recorded version at the link below (no different from the original!).

    Please look at our sitting schedule HERE. The two days will include Zazen sitting, Kinhin, Chanting, Zazen sitting, Oryoki, Zazen sitting, Bowing, Talks, 'Samu' Work Practice, More Zazen Sitting, as in any Soto Zen Retreat, all in celebration of the Buddha's days of Zazen and Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree.

    I would like to talk a little about the meaning of Rohatsu Retreat, and arranging a quiet space in your home for sitting. For further information on that, and other topics (such as how parents can make needed childcare a part of this Retreat), I ask all who are participating to DOWNLOAD AND REVIEW THE FOLLOWING GUIDE TO SITTING THIS ONLINE RETREAT(PDF) HERE.

    The accompanying CHANT BOOK IS HERE(PDF)

    As well, the following video will explain a bit about how to make and dance with a simple, home Oryoki kit. All you need is:

    1 - Clean Pillow Case
    2 - Bowls and 1 Tea Cup (that fit into each other)
    1 - Cloth Napkin
    1 - Small Wiping Cloth
    1 - Table Spoon
    1 - Tea Spoon or Chop Sticks
    1 - Small Cut Piece of a New Sponge
    1 - Letter Envelope
    1 - A small dish on the side for the "Hungry Ghosts"

    If you would like to see an example of the more intricate 'rules' for formal Oryoki, have a peak HERE.
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