When we're 'just sitting' and experiencing life as it is, aren't we doing exactly the same as all the 'non-human' things in nature? What's the difference between a man (or woman) sitting and a tree swaying in the wind or a cat sitting in its branches? It's great, I love it, but it just seems so simple that I must be doing it wrong - its what I've always done to de-stress lol. And if it it really is that simple, why are there so many books on Zazen? Couldn't it be summed up as 'Just be'?

I really feel like I've connected with Treeleaf. Hard to explain. But I think Zazen (and maybe Buddhism in general) has a different language for what seems to be a perfectly natural state. I'm a combination of elements that have always been around, when this combination expires (in death) then the elements will still be around in a different state, and in the meantime I can rest easy experiencing being this particular combination. And really everything is just a combination of elements (like multiple waves from one ocean), which means that we're all the same stuff that forgets, so we get trapped in identities.

Am I thinking too much? lol. I know the answer to any question is 'just sit', but if it's that simple why does Amazon have a whole section devoted to just sitting?

Sorry, just thinking aloud here. This is why I needed a sangha lol.