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... and all the bumps and frictions of personality in that community. The more things change, the more things stay the same.
Gassho, J
That for me is what community is about, we will never agree with everything that someone says unless we totally agree to the exact same thought in our mind. Friction abounds within a community, no matter if it be an internet or a live an in person place. If I agree I say so, if not, I say so; and if I feel it is best, I keep my thoughts to myself. However, I respect the fact that within a community there will be at least the possibility that I will disagree with someone and then I must, as best as I can, wisely choose to comment or not comment about the matter.

I wish that the world would be a perfect place but it is not. Therefore, I try my best to get along as best as I can. I think for the most part that Chet was trying as best as he could to get along.