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    Hi Kojip,

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    Treeleaf is a community. A practice community. If it was just another Buddhist forum it would not be worth participating in. A Buddhist forum is where people argue about what they think is true, and play-out endless doubting and dissecting. I came here and want to settle here as my "neighborhood Zendo" after seeing the nature of Buddhist fora, from both the participant and the administration side. They are frequently the last place someone who wants to get on with practice should be .... always having more words... always having another comeback. The heart of this community, in my worthless opinion, is the group practice and its development using new media. That last thing I need another Buddhist forum.
    I think this really sums it up more or less!
    Before I came here I had visited several Zen online boards (in different languages), and I was very disappointed that there was no difference to other online boards. (I had been moderator in an online forum years ago and it was just crazy, you wouldn't believe it). Lots of people seeking attention, even people who seemed fond of arguing. And the one thing I had expected least from Zen folks: lots of attachments - my school is better, that sect just doesn't get it, you must reach, reach, reach enlightenment, oh nooo he just said the forbidden "E" word! I felt almost appalled.
    I kind of accepted I would carry on practising on my own when I stumbled upon Treeleaf. And it was the place I knew I would feel comfortable with. It is like an internet Zen oasis.

    Still, I agree with Chet that we should check/review our own practice from time to time. I personally don't want to be attached to it. As soon as I feel I can't live without it any more, then I know something is probably wrong.


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