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Thread: INTRODUCING: Our New "Guide to Zazen" and "Tour of Treeleaf" (& newsletter too)

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    INTRODUCING: Our New "Guide to Zazen" and "Tour of Treeleaf" (& newsletter too)

    Dear All,

    We have published some new resources for newcomers to Treeleaf, and I would like to point them out to everyone here ...

    First is a written, introductory Guide to Basic Sitting (PDF) (LINK), meant primarily for people very new to sitting and Shikantaza Zazen.

    Next, is a video "Guided Tour of Treeleaf" hosted by Taigu (LINK), meant to take newcomers to our Sangha on a guided tour of this Forum and some of our other resources. It is found on our webpage, and accompanies our earlier "Welcome to Treeleaf" video (LINK) that highlights the flavor of this community. All people registering with Treeleaf will be pointed to these resources as their first stop. Please have a look.

    All that is in addition to our present special series of video TALKS FOR BEGINNERS (we are all beginners!) (LINK), meant for new folks and old alike, and introducing the "how-non-to" of Shikantaza in detail.

    Also in the coming days, you should receive in your email a short Treeleaf Newsletter called "The Leaf", containing some articles by or about some of our members. Please look for that, and consider publishing something in one of the future issues to be sent a few times a year. (You can also opt out if your mailbox is too cluttered! ) I wrote there ...

    Welcome to our first issue of the ‘Leaf’, yet another small way for us to reach out and embrace in this Sangha unlimited by place and distance. We hope the feeling and content is as simple and cozy as an old school newspaper, with news of events, poems, pointers, recipes and laughter, book tips, stories and profiles of some of our diverse, lovely Treeleaf members.

    I wish to thank the several people who worked so hard and tirelessly on creating each of these resources, in front and behind the scenes, often losing sleep and despite other jobs and responsibilities. I would name them, but each would prefer not to take one drop of credit. Let us offer Gassho and thanks to all of them.

    Gassho, J
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