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Thread: ATTENTION! Our "AT HOME" 2-DAY ROHATSU RETREAT - December 8th & 9th (& HO HO HO!)

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    ATTENTION! Our "AT HOME" 2-DAY ROHATSU RETREAT - December 8th & 9th (& HO HO HO!)

    Dear All,

    Just early notice that our "AT HOME" 2-DAY ROHATSU RETREAT is scheduled for the weekend of December 8th & 9th, Saturday and Sunday (Japan Time) via live netcast. We hope that all of our Ango-ers and others will find a way to sit with us. Through a combination of live and "any time" recorded segments, the retreat is designed to be sat any where, in any time zone, even days or weeks later, when you can arrange your schedule. Please have a look at last year's retreat for a taste ...

    I (Jundo) will lead the Saturday portion, and Taigu on Sunday. The retreat was originally scheduled for the weekend of December 1st, but I was asked to be Santa Clause again this year by three places, a local Christian Church, the YMCA and a home for the disabled that day (yes, they pick me because I am a rather round jolly fellow with a beard! ), and so would not be available for several hours. For that reason, I hope all are in accord with the date change and helping Santa! It also means that the retreat will be held a few days after the "90 days" of Ango end, but ... perhaps if you missed a few days, you will extend your Ango a bit.

    Our retreat features all aspects of a traditional Soto Zen retreat, including Zazen, Oryoki (in simplified form), more Zazen, Chanting, Samu work practice, more Zazen, talks and much more. Did I mention ... more Zazen? Easy to follow preparations and instructions will be provided everyone in the coming weeks for establishing a retreat space in your own home, and in keeping with other responsibilities you may have (such as a "mom" or "dad").

    If you are concerned about the length of sitting, please take to heart that such retreats ... of 2 or 3 days, a week or two weeks ... are basic and highly recommended in the Zen world, undertaken by just about every Zen Sangha I know. It is a practice not to be missed.

    Anyway, I hope you can be there ... the Zafu is waiting!

    Gassho, Jundo
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