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Thread: Buddhist inspiration thread - Get In Here!

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    Buddhist inspiration thread - Get In Here!

    *Edited to add a few*

    Hey all,

    Who are your inspirations in this practice? To whom do you look up, or even sideways on this path?

    Me first? (These are not in order of influence)

    Siddhartha - I can't believe I left him off the original list. Maybe we Zennies really aren't true Buddhists! /kidding

    Taigu - He's got the fire and knows when to 'splain and when to smack ya.

    Jundo - I've never seen him fail to answer a question or engage a practitioner unless it was harmful to keep engaging. He's truly tireless and he has helped cure me of 'emptiness poisoning'. He's also been an example of forgiveness and not-holding-a-grudge. Anyone who's been here for awhile knows what I mean and how this has affected me personally.

    Stephanie - Our friendship has been immeasurably valuable in my practice!

    Dosho - What a transformation I see in Dosho! I think I used to be on his 'least-favorite-persons' list - and even though we probably still rub each other the wrong way - interacting with him has helped me immensely. We used to bother each other, but I now consider him a friend.

    All the G+ people! - They've REALLY helped me keep on with the daily sitting, even when they don't show up in my hangout nor I in theirs.

    (Peeps I've never met) :

    Steve Hagen - His dharma talks are very direct and have helped pull me back to the practice again and again. Although I haven't listened to him recently, he has been instrumental to keeping me on the path.

    Adyashanti - I know he's not loved here, but nonetheless, I think he's on to something and he's helped reinvigorate my practice now and again.

    Genpo Merzel Roshi - His is a cautionary tale, but inspiring in itself.

    I'll add others as I think of them.

    Who are your inspirations?



    *Edited to add a few*
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