I'd just finished my yoga routine yesterday afternoon, and I remembered I hadn't done my daily metta prayer yet. So I thought, oh well I still have time and just sat there on the yoga mat silently going through the prayer. And somewhere in the process of offering metta to my mother who's miles away in another city, it occurred to me that she was just RIGHT HERE with me. And not only that, everyone and everything, the whole universe was just RIGHT HERE, not metaphorically but literally, RIGHT HERE!

I'm not talking about having a vision or hallucination of my mother sitting on the yoga mat with me or anything trippy like that. It's more like a quiet realization but beyond intellectual realization. Just for one moment the notions of "here" and "there" and "near" and "far" were dropped and there was just this intimacy, this RIGHT HERE-NESS.

And of course Treeleaf is a good expression of this RIGHT HERE. All over the world we sit together - dropping here and there and now and later and live and recorded - just RIGHT HERE. But there's knowing this and there's knowing this.