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    faust / zen

    I've been toying with an idea for a while.. I've read, for instance, in Zen Seeds by Aoyama, that most people think that money will solve their problems, and they want more, more security, more material comforts. I catch myself really wanting that all the time in more subtle and novel ways. But Shakyamuni left being a king to be buddha. So I've been thinking, what if someone came and told me I could have $x, but I'd never have any possibility of receiving any teaching, any understanding whatsoever (and it is very little as it is, believe me) of buddhism. What would $x be? Bill Gates has $61B, Warren Buffet has $44B. Would I really turn that down if it was offered to me? Or not? I'd never have any sense of shikantaza. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Along the same lines, do we think our lives are better than Bill and Warren's because we have the opportunity to learn some buddhism?

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