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Thread: SPLIT TOPIC: So, What Happens When Folks Die?

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    SPLIT TOPIC: So, What Happens When Folks Die?

    'We die, and we do not die. This is right understanding. Some people may say that our mind or soul exists forever, and it is only our physical body which dies. But this is not exactly right, because both mind and body have their end. But it is also true that they exist eternally.'

    Hi Jundo (trying to take the wise advice to rest a little - things are improving this end) but the bit [from Suzuki Roshi] I've highlighted above continues to confuse me re, the Zen take on death. Is there anywhere I can look on Tree Leaf for further clarification as I'm sure it must have been discussed many times.



    Note from Jundo: I have split the topic, and also added in parenthesis to make clear that the above quote is from Suzuki Shunryu Roshi.
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