I've been reading through Rev. Koun Franz' blog, Nyohō Zen, and on his "What is nyohō" page he, in part, says the following:

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In traditional monastic terms, nyohō is discussed in terms of color, materials, and size as they relate to food (how it is prepared, how it is served, how it is received), clothing (robes), and shelter (the relational dimensions of the monastery itself).
This got me looking for references to nyohō with regard to food (which I assume is some manner of Oryoki) and architecture (which for some inadequately-explored reason I think is related to the dimensions and style of the nyohō-e Okesa), but have thus far been unable to find any. Does anyone in the community have any ideas regarding what Rev. Franz is referencing?

Just curious.

Metta and Gassho,