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Thread: Dimensions of nyohō

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    Dimensions of nyohō


    I've been reading through Rev. Koun Franz' blog, Nyohō Zen, and on his "What is nyohō" page he, in part, says the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Koun Franz
    In traditional monastic terms, nyohō is discussed in terms of color, materials, and size as they relate to food (how it is prepared, how it is served, how it is received), clothing (robes), and shelter (the relational dimensions of the monastery itself).
    This got me looking for references to nyohō with regard to food (which I assume is some manner of Oryoki) and architecture (which for some inadequately-explored reason I think is related to the dimensions and style of the nyohō-e Okesa), but have thus far been unable to find any. Does anyone in the community have any ideas regarding what Rev. Franz is referencing?

    Just curious.

    Metta and Gassho,

    To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity. --RBB

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    Hiya Im not sure I even get it here (ha but that usually does not stop me - so here we go...)
    but when looking at this reference you shared,
    with the nyoho-e we are saying look at the rags with out our usual dividing mind, colour preference (I want mine to be green like the trees or I'll only get white as it will dye easy) Material (I like that bright shiny brocade or silk or heck that's a nice hemp!) and size... well you get that picture.

    So here we are looking for specific (hehe) materials that are not of our ordinary description of good value, and with care, preparation and dropping away of likes/dislikes VOILA, Robe! Buddhas teachings, body the whole universe made from trash (letting go of thinking eew trash!).

    In this same way the Instructions for the Cook (Tenzo kyokun) for food, we take the sand from the rice (or is it rice from the sand ;D) use all the ingredients as best we can with out looking at with our usual attachments/pushing away ...ew that tomato is still a bit green..or its too mushy, or that cucumber end is drying, part of that onion is toast!!**...or I want the biggest squash for Roshi! We prepare the food carefully (taking care with the ingredients like its your eyes... your head is the pot -heh pot-head!!)...sometimes using ingredients that we would not deem "not quite good enough" or some ingredients or food we may not be particularly fond of (eeew brussell sprouts!!) and we prepare it all as the precious holy things that they are, the whole universe, everything is part of that food stuffs... so treat it that way. That all said we do not cling to that either its fuel for fire... "medicine for nourishment of our practice" as the meal gatha we recite points out. Kesa-soup.

    a few years back, one of the practice partner exercises were to use not so perfect/desired ingredients and make due with what you had... I did this and was floored, really I only had applied this thinking, admittedly narrow sighted, to the kesa as it was taught.

    The above was made entirely from leftovers, scraps and near compost (safely :P) and, much to my surprise, was delicious!

    That of course has even broader implications in our being here right now... these teachings are far beyond rags and compost/kesa and soup!

    I dunno if this rambling makes sense or if its even in the ball park, I am recovering from the flu and I am cold and hungry!


    **(of course if its compost...its compost...we are taking in medicine and nourishment for our practice not poisons or hallucinogens - well not here anyway!)
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    Hello Shohei,

    Thank you for your reply. Your so-called "rambling" makes good sense, (and reads like Shobogenzo! Good job! ) though I feel I need to re-read a few times to get the full meaning (nothing on your writing style--more that I'm living a succession of 16 hour days right now and am in that "ecstatic-sleep-deprived" state that makes reading a little challenging sometimes).

    I hope that your illness clears up. Back home, if you're game for some "Arkansas Apothecary Time" the remedy for the flu is either 1.) Equal parts whiskey/lemon juice/honey taken twice (and then slept off), or 2.) the runoff from collard greens, spiked with as much cayenne pepper as you can stand. Either works, both are horrible in their own way.

    Thanks again Shohei.

    Metta and Gassho,

    To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity. --RBB

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    Thanks Saijun, I know its long and winding(windy!) As for your cures... hmmm both sounds pretty tempting but with the direction this flu headed I will give it a pass until the next inevitable bug comes!

    Deep bows

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