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Thread: Support for Claude AnShin and the Zaltho Foundation

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    Support for Claude AnShin and the Zaltho Foundation

    I just received this letter from the Zaltho foundation. I met KenShin and AnShin many years ago in Vienna, and both made a profound impression on me. KenShin is a very brave woman who left her life in Germany, against her family's wishes, to follow AnShin. AnShin's book opened my eyes to the fact that violence is not just physical in fights and such, but can be in any of our actions and words.


    Dear Friends of Claude AnShin Thomas and the Zaltho Foundation:

    This letter is to inform you that Wiebke KenShin, Claude AnShin's assistant and the Clerk/Treasurer of the foundation, has become seriously ill and must immediately step back from her many obligations. The Board of Directors is actively and urgently seeking donations while Wiebke KenShin and Claude AnShin focus their energies on her recovery and recuperation.

    The fundraising goal is $35,000.00, which is the minimum amount necessary to cover the fixed costs of the Magnolia Zen Center for one year (principally the mortgages, utilities, and insurance). These funds will allow Claude AnShin the opportunity to significantly reduce his travel and teaching schedule so that he can assist Wiebke KenShin in her recovery. During this period, time will also be available for the community to join together and create a solid plan for the future.

    The board is reaching out to all those whose lives have been touched by the tireless work of Wiebke KenShin and Claude AnShin.

    Speaking from our perspective as Zaltho Board members and advisors, our lives have been forever transformed by the teachings they have offered on mindfulness, compassion, and the path of healing. We know that many others feel the same way.

    Donations of any amount are deeply appreciated and can be made online at PayPal:

    You can also mail donations to the following address:

    Zaltho Foundation (click for website)
    PMB 319
    548 Mary Esther Cutoff
    Fort Walton Beach, FL

    With much care and respect,
    In Gassho

    [signed by the board members]
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    Thank you Nindo,
    however the link for paypal donation does not seem to work?

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    Hmm, thanks for letting me know, maybe Link2 will work better.

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    Thank you Nindo,
    Link2 does work for me too.

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