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    Hello everyone,

    Jundo asked me to present the following Koan:

    Main Case:

    Attention! Attendant Kaku asked Tokusan, "Where did the holy ones of the past go?" Tokusan answered, "What? What?" Kaku said, "Give an imperial order for a fleet horse, and out comes a lame tortoise." At that, Tokusan desisted.The next day, Tokusan left his bath, and Kaku brought over tea and served it to Tokusan. Tokusan patted him once on the shoulder. Kaku said, "Old man, at last you're beginning to see." Tokusan once again desisted.

    Wearing a dinner jacket and metal-soled tap-shoes doesn't mean you can hear the music the other person is dancing to. Kaku vomits out a juicy question but doesn't have the ears to hear the resonance of Tokusan's crystal clear answer. We can disguise our ineptitude and hide it in front of others, but never in front of one who knows the traceless non-ground on which we all stand, the birthing place of non-other. No matter how watery the broth, if the gate is shut, no sustenance will ever enter.


    Can you recall an instance where looking back at past events revealed to you what should have been understood there and then by you?
    Who has more Buddha nature, your father, or your mother?


    Hans Chudo Mongen
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