I have something of a problem, I have opinions.
My opinions of the world today make me feel like we are all standing on the abyss of Zombie apocalypse, ok maybe a slight exaggeration lol but if one has just a smidgen of interest in how our world is run, it's inequalities and selfishness, its reliance on force and selective use of human rights one tends to develop opinions.
Yet when I am meditating, my opinion-free time, if I hear a bird sing or my dog nuzzles up to me for a cuddle the world, my little world,my bit of space and time, is fine.
But I am not starving, I am not being shot at, I have not lost my job in an austerity purge to pay for bankers bonuses.
I am wondering, what good are opinions, i cannot change the world, I am only responsible for my world, yet if we all thought like that, if we didn't have opinions our societies could never change, who would speak up for those who cannot speak themselves
My opinions create waves inside me, which turn into tsunamis when someone disagrees with me!!!
Is it a good thing or just selfish to withdraw from my opinions and just stroke my dog and listen to the birds singing?