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Thread: LED Incense Burner?

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    LED Incense Burner?


    I'm currently re-building my altar, and I seem to be at a minor impasse; I'm unable to use real incense due to the size of our apartment (400sqft--one stick would make the whole place smell strongly), but I have seen at temples in the past a sort of LED incense burner; basically a light that looks like a stick of incense.

    I can't seem to find one online; does anyone here know what I'm talking about or where I should look?

    Metta and Gassho,


    EDIT: Something like this, but actually buy-able.
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    Well, actually, incense can also set off allergies, and like second hand smoke has even been shown to be mildly carcinogenic ... so please use in a well ventilated room. On the other hand, most of those studies seem to be from Chinese altars ...

    ... and the way they use incense there is quite something ...

    Cough cough.

    How about the invisible incense, seen clearly with only the mind's eye?

    Or how about the unlit incense stick, which burns brightly in the heart?

    Or how about lighting the stick briefly, then putting the lit end down into the sand ... thereby letting just a touch of smoke fill the room?

    I do all of the above from time to time.

    Gassho, Jundo
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    I know what you mean by small spaces, I too live in a little abode. I do the same as Jundo ... either light it for a brief time, or I will just use a small piece.


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    I have tried and use the granulated incense and the charcoal disk (light the charcoal disk and it stays as a hot ember and you just put a bit of the chipped/granulated stuff on it and voila!)

    as of late rather than stick as you have pointed out Saijun, it gets pretty thick in a small area. The granulated stuff allows you to add a small pinch that burns for a moment then gone. That said I light the disc near an open window as it gives off a bit of smoke as it starts up too. Optionally I light the incense, do what is being done then put it out on my way to the cushion (that may not be kosher but it helps)


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    At Hospice we can't have open flame (oxygen in use), so reeds with a few drops of essential oil can be used. Dose to effect.

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    I live in little spaces too and my wife does not love incense, so I just light on for a little seconds then off, but we could do something like this, coool
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    Thank you for your practice

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    I love incense, but my girlfriend is allergic, so I rarely use it.

    I use imaginary incense. It's cheap, it burns and smells like the universe!


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    I like to light stick incense every time I sit, but now I have contact lenses and I have to either sit before putting them in or after taking them out or they are very uncomfortable.

    I don't view it as a big disturbance but it reminds me to drop the attachment to incense once in a while.

    Once, however, the cat dropped a positively nuclear bomb in the litter box during my sit.

    I know Jundo will point out that that, too, is a perfectly acceptable "incense" and I want to appreciate that, but whooo boy, it was NOT cool. (Not mentioning any names, Burgundy.)


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