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I have this idea that not all that is of human construct is small minded. What mind constructs our ideas? The small mind out of greed, aversion and delusion? Or the big mind, out of wisdom, clarity, compassion? The big mind (Buddha mind, empty mind, beginner's mind), can also arise while fully interacting with the world, in the midst of thoughts, ideas, emotions, not only in some special state of profound samadhi, outside of time and space. The middle way is integrating both halves of the truth, the absolute and the relative, into one truth, one reality, one beautiful way of living. Everything said about this this truth is not true, misses the mark. That's why all words are only pointing to the moon. The middle way has to be realized directly, which is the aimless aim of Zen buddhist practice. So should we all just sit down and shut up? Sometimes yes, but not always. I think the exchange of ideas is vitally important. When we get stuck, unconsciously clinging to an idea, another idea, another point of view, may be what is needed, the correct medicine, what sets us free. Right then, for that person, in that moment, that is Right View. I'm not sure you can say that the idea of emptiness is generally less delusional than the idea of an eternal true self, or even god. Buddhists say it a lot. Out of wisdom or ignorance? What is pointed at is beyond description. Buddhism is also just an idea. Relinquishing all views, Buddha dies, Atman dies, God dies. And everything comes alive.


Now that was some great eloquent bla bla bla, and how ideas arise and resolve. From my limited perspective, you said it well, Pontus.