Over the weekend I went to a family dinner and everything was going fine and fun... until my aunt started making me questions about my practice.

She is not a Catholic, so she is more open to Buddhism. But she believes in faeries and everything new age.

I tried to respond as best as I could and it was actually a nice chat. The she said:

"Well you should focus on work, instead of playing the mystic". That was because I lead a very simple life and my family think I am the most mediocre man on Earth.

"Buddhist masters are very special people. They shine with a very bright light. And you are just like us."

And that got me thinking.

Setting the personal apart, what is a Buddhist master? To me he/she is just a regular person who committed to a life of study.

Then, why is it people tend to think you have to be like a powerful wizard to study Buddhism?

Aren't Buddhist masters just like any of us?

Buddha Nature is in all of us, and we all can become Buddha. But that's something I just couldn't make my aunt understand.

What do you guys think? Do you have to be born in Krypton, high midichlorian count or bitten by a radioactive Buddhist spider to be a Buddhist Master?

What is a Buddhist master, anyway?