Friends, family,

I've been reflecting lately on the words Jundo wrote about the upcoming Ango quite a bit over the last few weeks. After some thought, I know how I would personally like proceed when it begins and much like my Zazen challenge I 'd like to offer anyone who's interested to join me.

We've all heard the term "Beginners Mind" during our practice. I'm bringing that down to the most fundamental level I can by effectively by pretending that I am brand new to Zen, even though I received Jukai in January of this year. My plan is to participate fully in Ango, to participate in the Jukai teachings, and to participate in the koan readings as I have been. My way of taking Zen more seriously, is to flip back to the beginning of the book.

That said, does anyone have a good recommendation for a book (that I likely don't have) that you might recommend to someone who was very interested in Zen?

Be talking to you more often, and Gassho.