So, I think I had my first "zen" dream. In the middle of a normal dream where several people were sitting around a table with drums, one person stands up and says he has a koan. I can't remember it exactly, but it was to the effect of why are sitting around drumming and not doing something with our life. The people answered in order around the table. One guy just drummed harder, the next didn't answer but smiled really big then started laughing, the next said guy stood up and said " I shit every morning and shower every night," then I answered, "everything you do is doing something with your life." The guy who asked the koan sat down and started drumming again. I know, I know, there is nothing more boring than hearing about someone else's dream and it isn't particularly profound or anything, but the fact that I dreamed about zen made me smile when I woke up.

Also, this weekend I had a military parachute jump. I hadn't jumped in a long time, so while getting ready I was a little nervous. I kept running through all my procedures thinking to myself "don't mess up, don't mess up." When I got on the bird though, all my nervousness went away. It was like being at home. The plane took off and rapidly reached jump altitude. The ramp opened and I couldn't help but smile. The green light came on and me and my buddy went out. It was honestly one of the best jumps I've had in years. After I landing I think I realized why I've always loved jumping so much. The engines are loud, so you can't really hear anything or make small talk. The upcoming jump keeps you in the present, so once the bird takes off, you can truly live in the moment. No future, no past, just right now folding out wonderfully in front of your eyes.