So I've been reading some of the challenges OMZ sangha is facing around relationships their sensei has had in the past years. I have mixed feelings about it to be honest. Without ever having the ability to know what truly happened, I wanted to ask the sangha about their opinions?

1. If a teacher has a consenting sexual relationship with a student, does this mean they should stop teaching?
2. What if it's a practitioner at their sangha, but not a student, does this change your opinion?
3. If that same teacher is married, does this change your opinion?
4. If the teacher had a consenting sexual relationship with a non-student or practitioner, while married (had an affair) does this change your opinion?

What I'm driving at, is where is the transgression? Are teachers removed because of their failure to keep the precepts? If so, we will never have any teachers. Does our Judeo-Christian culture impact our opinions? I see this situation much like the corporate world. If someone is abusing their power to pressure someone else into sex, then they need to be removed from that position. But I can't help but feel many times we put our teachers up on a pedestal and expect them to live up to an unrealistic expectations


PS - Here's the link to Adam's article: