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    Realizing Genjokoan - Chapter 6 - P 81 to End


    I think the nationality and identity stuff is part of thinking mind. We have to put labels on things so we can talk/think about them.

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    Drifting eyes in Zazen

    Thanks a lot, Jundo. I'm off to read them all now.
    I did do a search for this, but obviously lacking in technical skills!


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    Drifting eyes in Zazen

    Thanks Shokai,

    I shall let them do whatever they want from now on. But if I find myself staring at the ceiling, we might need to revisit

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    Requesting Jukai Etiquette

    Hello Tsuru.

    For what it matters I have been practicing the buddha dharma (or at least 'Tried To') for some 5/6 years, both by my self and

    Hokin Today, 06:41 PM Go to last post

    Requesting Jukai Etiquette

    I hadn't been at Treeleaf for very long before I asked to participate in Jukai - 4 or 5 months I think it was. I have done self study and sat on my own

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