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As a young priest I am investigating what it is I have to do. Initially, one needs to study the history, of Buddhism and our Lineage. And, there are many verses, services and forms to learn. As well, one needs to stay in touch with the community but most of all, I need to learn how to teach. Teaching is a big part of the service which a priest provides to his Sangha.
So, while pondering this yesterday morning out on the patio, a low flying bird crashes into the window in our back door. I went over to see how the bird had fared to find a small baby bird sitting a bit dazzled but none the worse for ware. My dog was becoming interested so I put my finger against the young bird's breast and she hopped on for the ride and I was able to raise her up to perch on the eave of the porch roof. It was then that I noticed an adult bird sitting higher on the roof with a small tidbit of food in its beak.
The adult bird hopped down to where the young one was and sort of danced around it then flew up higher on the roof. I imagine the young bird was devastated. " Usually, mommy give me the tidbit to eat!" But NO, the adult kept repeating the aforementioned dance and would pull away a little bit farther each time until the frustrated baby began flapping its wings, got caught in an updraft and flew to the next yard to have the whole scenario played out all over again. Sound familiar?
The rules for living are simple. Ninety percent is attitude, the other half is being here. The truth lies within. All we need is the desire to search. See you at the dance.

仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
Just a humble novice; go somewhere else to listen to someone who really knows.

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  1. Shohei's Avatar
    Indeed! Thank you Shokai.
    Thinking of the wee bird, we follow the bait thinking it is the prize, but in spreading out our wings taking flight and jumping off... priceless!

  2. Shokai's Avatar
    Thanks for the added teaching

    gassho, Shokai
  3. Nindo's Avatar
    Thank you Shokai. May I suggest you turn your avatar around again? It's just a picture ... but it's really weird.
    Gassho, Nindo
  4. Geika's Avatar
    Yeah, it is a bit of a strange picture, but he is sitting!