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    Chanting & Zazen Circle

    Indeed it was a lovely experience Michel and I look forward to seeing you soon. Can't wait for my French lesson as well


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    Chanting & Zazen Circle

    Ah, Yuki, lovely to meet you. Thank you for your practice. Please do let us know when you would like to chant in French. We look forward to it.

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    Chanting & Zazen Circle

    Thanks to Ryokudo and Seiko for this formidable experience!
    Will join again, for sure !
    Merci beaucoup ������������

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    Heraclitos and the reading of zenbooks

    It's funny, when I think back to hearing him speak I don't recall him being hard to understand (I started my Zen journey ad Minnesota Zen Center). I

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    Every breath you take...

    Interesting article but, what the heck; just say Mara made me do it

    Gassho, Shokai

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