• SIT-A-LONG with Jundo: Yes! No! Sometimes! NEVER!

    A friend wrote today confessing that he skips or misses Zazen some days, and finds it easier sometimes to let the Precepts be his guide. He said:

    I may not be able to settle my mind enough to do zazen, but my troubled mind does well working through my vows and precepts. And in that process I often find some sort of answer as to how to be a better Buddhist in my interactions with the world. Often, once I've settled things a bit with the vows and precepts I can get back to doing zazen.
    Wonderful! I have a confession too:

    Do you think I never miss a day of Zazen?? Well, if you mean seated Zazen on the Zafu, yes I miss when life comes up. Just this week, I was getting ready to sit and my wife rushed in with our daughter, shaking with a high fever. I was off to the emergency room in a minute, the Zafu forgotten. Of course, as best I can, I seek to never miss a day ... seeking Such what cannot be sought, each day that is Timeless, never missing What cannot be missed ... the consistently inconsistent, Changeless right though all change ... seeking beyond and right through all seeking, yet seeking nonetheless ...

    ... but sometimes I get called away, or have someplace to be, or just fall asleep, or forget, or just take a day or week off (even monks do that), go to the movies instead or just am too darn lazy. Do I miss many a day? Yes!, (although I seek not to do so, and try not to miss, and resume again the next) I miss MANY a day of seeking Such Not Sought Which Is Never Missing!

    But do you think that I ever miss a day of Zazen?? NEVER! Not a one! Sitting in the emergency room, on the edge of life, I "sat Zazen" even if without the funny round cushion, no sacred mudra, legs straight on the floor comforting my scared and just as sacred daughter. It may not be cross legged facing the wall, but there is not a day, not an hour, when I do not "sit Shikantaza" in life. Allowing life to be even as something cannot be easily allowed ... afraid yet simultaneously living Such Beyond Fear, body shaking as That Unshaken ... hoping for a good outcome, yet simultaneously embodying Such In Which All Comes And Goes, All Outcome Good.

    The Precepts are fundamental, and I seek to live them each day ... but do you think we never miss? Yes!, I miss sometimes ... so many times each day. Well, I usually do not miss too bad (no bank robberies, assaults or murders to my name), but yesterday I did find myself getting too angry about a stupid bookkeeping error in our small translation office! All I could do was realize and release ... let the anger go before the fires burned too hot. Honestly, I got a little burned this time, but soon the fires were out.

    The Precepts are fundamental, but they can never be broken! NEVER! In a moment of Shikantaza ... seeking Such what cannot be sought, each day that is Timeless, never missing What cannot be missed ... the Precepts are all kept, no Precept ever broken in Such Ever Unbroken. Nonetheless, rising from the cushion ... out in the world ... one does as one can never to break a Precept. (In fact, when the mind is filled with excess greed, anger and divisive thoughts of ignorance, darn hard to "sit Shikantaza" and know Such Which Can Never Be Broken!).

    Did Dogen ever miss a day of Zazen? Did Dogen ever break the Precepts? (I would ask the same of all the Ancestors, even the historical Buddha himself ... although the biographies have all been polished up and the misses erased). I would say, in my guess knowing what a human being is ...

    ... sometimes (when life came up) YES! and (for certainly there was not a day in which thy did not apply the Buddhist Teachings) NO! and (seeking Such what cannot be sought, each day that is Timeless, never missing What cannot be missed. NEVER!

    Yes! No! Sometimes! NEVER! This is our sincere Zen Way of Practice-Enlightenment. Is that clear??

    Gassho, Jundo
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      Matt -
      Thank you for this teaching, Jundo.

      Deep bows,
      Matt J
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      Thank you

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      Thank you Jundo.

      Nonattachment. I just mastered it. hahahahhhhha


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      Jundo -
      But .... during times of concentrated Practice such as during our current Washington Retreat, there are times to sit intently and long, not missing or slacking off. One sits morning to night, just sitting grappling with the "me myself i" ... sitting hard and long all to attain "nothing to attain".

      This week is such a time. I sometimes write this ...

      While here we encourage daily sitting of but a few minutes a day if ... ... meeting each instant of sitting as an expression of All-Time and Being ...


      ... we also request, if at all possible, that folks join in with a group one longer residential "Sesshin" per year of from 3 to 7 days eacy year ...

      Now, someone might ask too, "if each moment is all time and space, what is the purpose of an intensive Sesshin?" Well, I often say that, sometimes, we need to practice a bit long and hard, morning to night ... sitting and wrestling with 'me, my self and I' ... all to attain Nothing to Attain! Going to Retreats, Sesshin and such is a powerful facet of this Practice and not to be missed.
      Gassho, Jundo
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      Byokan -
      Thank you Jundo

      sat today
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      Another treasure dug up by Lisa Thank you!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jundo View Post
      A cartoon from the great "Dharma the Cat" series. (Google it if you don't know) ...

      a couple more ...

      Gassho, J

      Is the last one a playful stab from the cat to the monk about 'up' or is my disenchantment towards human centric bias in some buddhism actually recognized as legitimate?

      I'm going to have a honest moment and say I roll my eyes silently when people harp 'Precious human birth' as if we're the entitled snowflake species and then follow with compassion for all sentient beings..but always with the tinge we are a exxxtra special and more worthy of compassion bit of interbeing.

      I like buddhism, most of it and this is one of the things I just never really bought and don't discuss because of not willing to cause 'rifts' in people that may or may not get it and I may win the debate but not be right because the counterpoint to prove me wrong might not have been made.

      Read somewhere that all beings can reach enlightenment but only humans are most positioned to do so. "all roads lead to the capital but everyone won't take the trip". I can't directly communicate in a deep way with a kitty for example to determine if some of their actions aren't nonsense but bodhisattva practices I don't have the sense to get or if the cat completely suffers from the three poisons.

      I'm not one of those antihuman people but I did see and was the recipent of more kindness from animals at times then humans.



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      Myosha -

      All in/with Buddha-nature are enlightened. Just realize it.

      No charge.^^

      Myosha sat today