• Our 'Shukke Tokudo' Homeleaving Ordination of Kyonin, Yugen & Shokai - THIS SUNDAY!

    This Sunday June 9th (Sunday 10 AM Eastern Time, 7AM Pacific Time in North America, 3pm London Time and 4pm Paris Time), our Sangha will welcome new novice priests through the ritual of 'Shukke Tokudo' Homeleaving Ordination.

    As is typical of our Sangha, the ceremony will be conducted simultaneously in four places around the world ... dropping all thought of here and there, now and then ... with the Preceptor (Jundo) in Japan, and our Ordainees, Kyonin Barros in Mexico, Shokai Maxwell in Canada and Yugen Kemos in the United States.

    If you would like to witness the ceremony, and join in our celebration, the netcast will be seen at this link ...


    The ceremony will be about an hour or so. So far, Shingen (Michael) has agreed to join us on Google+ "as a witness, and we have room for 3 additional folks who have webcams and know how to join a Google+ Hangout. If you can commit to being there, and are already familiar with Google+, please post below. While everyone else will watch "one way" at the link above, Shingen and the others will be representing the warm hearts of everyone witnessing the ceremony from home.

    If you cannot join us live, FEAR NOT, as the entire event will be recorded and shared with everyone at the above link for all to witness later.

    Thank you to all in our Sangha for joining us in this time of celebration.

    If you would like to read a bit more about the meaning of Shukke Tokudo Homeleaving as a Novice-Priest here at Treeleaf, please look here ...


    Gassho, Jundo
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    1. Taigu's Avatar
      Taigu -
      Go and have a nice rest.

      beautiful ceremony and a wonderful beginless time.


    1. Genshin's Avatar
      Genshin -
      Beautiful and moving ceremony. Thank you for your practice and commitment.

      Deep bows,
    1. Heisoku's Avatar
      Heisoku -
      Congratulations to our new unsui (sorry I cannot remember all your new names), it was a very moving ceremony. Gassho, Gassho, Gassho.
    1. arnold's Avatar
      arnold -
      "All things are fresh and New"... How Beautiful.. The sincerity of Kyonin, Shokai, and Yugen was very clear. I have witnessed ordinations under the late Daido Loori Roshi before, and there is no difference in the emotions the ceremony elicits, be it in a physical monastery or here in this space-less space that Reverends Jundo and Taigu have been kind and wise enough to offer us. I am deeply moved.

      Congratulations again to Kyonin, Shokai, and Yugen; may you carry this great way forward with pure and humble hearts. From what I have seen of you all in my short time here I have no reason to doubt that you will. I look forward to continuing along the way with you all in your new roles as Treeleaf Unsui.

      Endlessly on the path with you,
    1. Shohei's Avatar
      Shohei -
      Deep bows the new Unsui!! Brilliant ceremony and agreed - very moving and honoured to witness it!

    1. Hans's Avatar
      Hans -
      Congratulations are in order! Thank you all for your commitment!


      Hans Chudo Mongen
    1. Koshin's Avatar
      Koshin -
      Congratulations Yugen, Kyonin and Shokai... what a great day, beautiful ceremony, all together as one

      Deep Bows

    1. Jakudo's Avatar
      Jakudo -
      Congratulations Kyonin, Yugen and Shokai and thank you for your commitment to the Dharma.
      Gassho, Jakudo.
    1. Taikyo's Avatar
      Taikyo -
      My love and support to our new priests May we walk the Way together. It was certainly a beautiful ceremony and such an honour to be a witness.

      With deep deep bows

    1. Jiken's Avatar
      Jiken -
      Congratulations guys! Sorry I could not make it live.

      Deep bows

    1. Seimyo's Avatar
      Seimyo -
      Deep bows to my brothers for making this lifelong commitment. It was truly wonderful to have the opportunity to witness the occasion and look forward to many many years of serving beside you.

    1. Yugen's Avatar
      Yugen -
      I am humbled and feel gratitude to the point of tears for your support and presence. It was a beautiful ceremony - usually I have no problem finding words but today, not so easy. I have never such a deep emotional commitment to a path - while marriage and fatherhood are my life's vows, the ones I have taken and reaffirmed today guide me in my life as a father, husband, sangha member, and human being. It is so encompassing it is almost overwhelming. I could not have come this far without you - and the path forward is not to be traveled alone either. Thanks to sangha mates old and new - I look forward to many years of practice and celebrating life with you. I will do my very best to live my vows and practice thoroughly with you.

      Deep bows
      Shodo Yugen
    1. Shokai's Avatar
      Shokai -
      Thank you all for your kindness. I sometimes wish I could express myself as well as Yugen , even when he is at a loss for words but, seriously, I just want to say what he said _/\_

      Nine bows, Shokai

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    1. Daizan's Avatar
      Daizan -
      Deep bows and respect.

    1. MyoHo's Avatar
      MyoHo -
      Congratulations guys! You inspire us all! Sorry I was not there to see it all live.


    1. Seisou's Avatar
      Seisou -
      Very inspiring.
      Much respect.

    1. Kyonin's Avatar
      Kyonin -
      I wish my clumsy words were enough to express my gratitude to all of you who have been with me, guiding my path.

      Thanks to Jundo and Taigu for their patience and for trusting me.

      In the path ahead, I'll do my best in serving the community.


      Hondou Kyonin
    1. Nenka's Avatar
      Nenka -
      Congratulations Kyonin, Shokai, and Yugen! I'm happy you guys took the plunge

      I'll catch up on the ceremony when I can . . . my internet speed and YouTube are not on good terms today.


    1. willow's Avatar
      willow -
      Thank you for a moving ceremony and congratulations to Kyonin, Yugen and Shokai.

      And thank you to Chris for sorting the technology making it possible for us all to share in such a meaningful event.


    1. Geika's Avatar
      Geika -
      Congratulations! I will be watching the ceremony later to see how it all went down!