• DON'T Sit-a-Long with Jundo: THE END OF TREELEAF!

    It is the first day of April here in Japan, the start of Spring, and that is a time to think of endings and beginnings ...

    SO, I AM VERY SAD TO ANNOUNCE THE END OF TREELEAF SANGHA as it has been until now ...


    We are just trying to make BUDDHISM SEXIER!

    We asked for your suggestions, and we listened ... to all of them! Even the really really dumb ones!

    In fact, this may be THE END OF BUDDHISM AND ZEN!

    There is no Zazen sitting to accompany today's talk ... as we have done away with the sitting too. To be honest, I never really got much out of it.
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    Sunday Sit with Washin and Shugen


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    Sunday Sit with Washin and Shugen

    Hello everyone,

    Please join us for the Sunday Sit hosted by Onkai on June 13th beginning at 6 am Los Angeles time, 9 am New York time, 4

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    Tai Shi

    Dull, sleepy zazen

    Thatís enough out of me for one day. lol. Thank you Jundo for much.
    sat/ lah
    Tai Shi

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    Tai Shi

    Dull, sleepy zazen

    I no longer sleep during zazen nor Shikantaza but I fully relax into emptiness but I have been meditating 10 years and this October practicing with Treeleaf

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    Tai Shi

    What is it that attaches to things?

    Over the past thirty-five years I have collected a too much excessive computer stuff. I sold hundreds of dollars in camera stuff and I am giving to recycling

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