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    Lovely, Onka!

    Summer night
    the heat
    reaches everywhere.
    Longing for sleep
    oh, for Master Mayu's fan*!

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    Requesting Jukai Etiquette

    I am still learning so much by just bouncing around in the forums and reading various discussions. Once in a while I feel compelled to send a simple "thank

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    Sunday Sit with Washin and Shugen

    Thank you to those who practiced together. Sorry for the mix-up with the Robe Verse before muted before the session began, and I forgot the bells before

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    Tai Shi

    Zazen Sitting with Kyonin (M,Tu,W,Th,F)

    Thank you Kyonin! My Google translate kicked in and I was able to understand, and I believe I miss the beauty of the Spanish; how beautiful even in English,

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    Tai Shi

    Metta (Loving Kindness) for All in Social Unrest

    Through my first week of recovery Metta was essential-- I began Metta the third day because the first two I was too sick; I attempted any meditation or

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